No Real Estate Fees to pay! No need to do any repairs!

We buy fast and can close quickly!

American Acquisitions will make you a fair offer and can close quickly. Even if you think your house is unsellable, you’d be surprised how we can help you. We are creative real estate investors and have a network of connections plus decades of experience. If we don’t buy your home, we will surely point you in the right direction.

In 3 steps, you can sell your house

At American Acquisitions, we prioritize convenience. We’ll make you an “as is” cash offer on your house, eliminating the need for unnecessary repairs, showings, and cleanings. In fact, you won’t even need to pay any listing fees or closing costs associated with realtors since you’ll pay you in cash, in full.


Visit Property
An expert member of our team will visit your property for a quick visit.


Offer Cash
We’ll explain the process to you, answer any questions you may have, and review your property’s condition. We’ll make a fair cash offer that will remain unchanged before closing.


Close Deal
If you’re happy with our offer and decide to accept it, we can instantly close the deal.

get a quick offer

It doesn’t matter whether you live in a condo, house, or duplex. American Acquisitions can make you a cash offer which won’t have any hidden fees and remain unchanged before closing. Get a Quick, No Risk, No Obligation Offer On Your Property Today! (We will not spam or sell your information)

Who We Are

We will buy your house, regardless of its condition. With an expert team with firsthand experience in the real estate market, American Acquisitions will provide you with a quick and straightforward way to sell your house for cash. We guarantee a process that will provide you with precisely what you need: a chance to sell your house fast to buyers who will guide you through everything. The team is headed by Tony and Joe, two seasoned real estate investors and business owners. Tony has nearly two decades of experience in finance, real estate, and investments. On the other hand, Joe has a decade’s worth of experience in credit, real estate, and business. Combined, they have over 30 years of market experience and bring that to the table when looking at ways to make win-win offers. Tony is a family man out in Katy, TX. He prides himself in making ultra fair offers to sellers using data-driven analysis and a no-nonsense approach. His philosophy is that if the offer doesn’t make sense for either party, we just won’t make a deal and will be happy to refer it to a realtor who can make it happen. Joe is also a family man out in Katy, TX. He prides himself on making the selling process super convenient and enjoyable for all sellers. He brings his business expertise to the teamspecializing in high customer service levels and striving to provide an excellent experience for all sellers looking to sell their home.

How It Works

Get paid in cash for your house. This is how it works. If you’re looking to get cash in exchange for your house, you’ll be glad to know that the process is relatively straightforward. Reach out to us. We’ll connect you with our American Acquisitions property specialist, who will visit you for an absolutely free in-home consultation. This specialist will look at your property, tell you what you need to do, and answer any queries you may have. Afterward, we can make you a firm, fair cash offer to buy your property. If you agree, we can cover all the regular closing costs. Additionally, you don’t have to worry yourself with cleaning,showings, and repairs, and there are no hidden real estate commissions. We can close the deal in as minimum time as 3 weeks. If you prefer, you can take more time. And don’t worry about the offer changing; we promise it stays the same. Every homeowner desires a quick and straightforward process to sell their property and get cash in turn. With so many complicated procedures in the market, that’s the last thing you need. With a trustworthy team with full-fledged experience purchasing homes for cash, property experts can guide you through the entire process and make it easy. At American Acquisitions, we prioritize your needs and ensure you’re able to get what you want quickly. Contact us today to find out how you can make that happen. If you’re looking for a smooth and straightforward process that guarantees convenience, American Acquisitions is the right fit for you.

We'll buy your house

If you’re looking for a team that’ll eliminate the uncertainty typically associated with selling your house the usual way. We offer a convenient way for you to sell your home for cash. All that we’ll do is visit your house for an in-person consultation and make you an instant cash offer. Yup, it’s as simple as that.
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Do you want to sell your house in its “as is” condition? Selling your house doesn’t need to be complicated. Feel free to reach out if you want to sell your home “as is” and won’t accept anything less than a fair and firm cash offer. An American Acquisitions expert will contact you to schedule a visit. After visiting your property in person, you’ll instantly get a firm cash offer that you can rely on. The process is quick and straightforward, and all you need to do is fill the form below.